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Made by a lone developper (SOLIDS Studio), THE DARK SIDE OF CECLON is a TPS with unique blend of action/adventure with survival/RPG mechanics. An immersive game set in a science fiction universe.


Coming June 20, 2024 on Steam!

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To know

Alone, light years away from all human life!

- Enhance Jensen and his combat drone through an RPG progression system by spending points in different stats.
- Learn unique skills to help you survive on CECLON.
- Collect a wide range of items with different effects, enabling you to progress through the adventure or further improve your character and your combat drone.


- Mature, dark and gripping moments with a touch of humor plunging you into a futuristic universe for the survival of the human species.


- Take on different classes of Nocturne, each with their own unique behaviors.
- Challenge the fearsome bosses of the primordial Nocturnals!
- Scour the planet CECLON, both on the surface and underground, searching every nook and cranny.
- There are 2 different endings and 3 difficulties, with increasingly difficult challenges.


- A day/night system with dark nights accentuates the genre's heavy SF immersion.
- Run, jump, dodge and use your combat drone to outrun the Noctunes, terrible creatures living on the planet.
- Gather and use the resources you find to make the items you need to survive.
- Use the passe-muraille, an all-purpose vehicle that makes it easy to get around.
- Dynamic camera adapted to your actions.

Humanity needs you! You are their only hope.


Screenshots in game


Contact me if you need information
or to send any problem about the game.
THE DARK SIDE OF CECLON will be always follow!

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